Non Pratt Remix.
Biscuits Bought In September Slow-Witted
Fu Jia wanted him. Fu Jia was unwelcome in this house, so much that even the servants were allowed to scold him as they wished. His father’s wife hated him to his very bones but he wasn’t bothered at all. They could try to make him leave the house with all their might but that would never happen. As long as he remained here, he would still be undefeated. The first warmth Fu Jia felt in this house had came from Lu QiAn. Although they have never spoken to each other before, and Lu QiAn had no
Lruska Rise of the White Dragon
June 15 of the year 2010, the third awakening happened. Several smaller worlds had returned to connect with the main world as living beings of different races started to appear and some people managed to connect with the origin and gain control of various powers: control of fire, of water, of wind, of air, and of earth... In the midst of all these confusions, towers that gave unimaginable powers began...
Appen1998 A choice to choose
Story about a girl who struggles in life to look after the family expense , Later she joins into a huge company She later realises that she was adopted and set out to search about her real mother with the help of the boy and they ends up having feelings for each other .