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Chapter 1160: Xie Qiuran

When Lu Xingzhi opened it, Du Chen happened to call him. Coincidentally, Du Chen was also looking up Mrs. Sun’s information. Mrs. Sun had tried to look up Jiang Yao, so he had also looked up Mrs. Sun.

“Young Master Lu, I heard that you are also looking up information about Xie Qiuran in Ping City. I happened to find some information here, so I want to compare them with you,” Du Chen said. “It’s easy to look up her information in recent years, but it’s not easy to find those from decades ago because it’s been too long. I don’t have enough information here either. I don’t know if your people can get more details.”

“Let’s talk about yours first.” Lu Xingzhi flipped through the few thin pieces of paper in his hand and looked through them.

“Xie Qiuran had another marriage before she married her current husband, Professor Sun. Her daughter, who has heart disease, is her daughter with her ex-husband. My people can’t find any information about her ex-husband. They only know that he’s from the south. Xie Qiuran met him when she went to the countryside as an educated youth when she was young. I heard that he was from the countryside too. Later, she returned to Ping Cheng alone. I heard that she divorced her first husband.”

Lu Xingzhi’s gaze fell on one of the paragraphs on the paper. It was exactly what Du Chen had said.

“After that, she was introduced to her current husband. That was when she had her daughter with her. People said that she had her with her ex-husband. Professor Sun did not mind, so she brought her daughter with her. After Xie Qiuran and Professor Sun got married, they had a good relationship. Later, Xie Qiuran and Professor Sun had a son, and he is still studying now.”

“Xie Qiuran’s daughter had congenital heart disease since she was young. Professor Sun treated her as his own daughter. To earn money to treat his daughter’s illness, he had to work a lot for some time and almost fell sick from exhaustion. His stepdaughter took his surname and was named Sun Xiaoshan. The name was given by Professor Sun.”

Du Chen sighed again. “It’s a pity that it’s not easy to investigate something from decades ago. I’m actually interested to know more about Xie Qiuran’s first marriage.”

“I also found out that Xie Qiuran has an older sister.” Lu Xingzhi took out the second piece of information. “It’s a twin sister. The two sisters look very similar.”

“Yes, but there is even less information about the older twin sister,” Du Chen replied.

Lu Xingzhi laughed. “It’s normal if you can’t find any information about her older sister. That’s because Xie Qiuxiang was in a lawsuit when Xie Qiuran returned to Ping City. Not long before Xie Qiuran got married, Xie Qiuxiang was sentenced to prison.”

“I see.” Du Chen quickly understood it. “Why was she sentenced to prison?”

“Murder.” Lu Xingzhi shook the thin paper in his hand and read the contents of the paper. “Xie

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